Peer Review

Our Process of Peer Review

1. The author submits the paper to the journal. We accept submissions only by email.

2. The journal checks the paper’s arrangement against the journal’s Author Guidelines to make sure it includes the required stylizations.

3. The Chief Editor checks that the paper is appropriate for the journal and is sufficiently original and interesting.

4. The Chief Editor invites two members of the Editorial Board and the Associate Editors to review the paper. A third, independent reviewer is also invited.

5. The editors and the third, independent reviewer consider the invitation against their own expertise, conflicts of interest and availability. They then accept or decline. If they decline, they suggest alternative reviewers.

6. The reviewers read the paper and submit their review by email with a recommendation to accept or reject it, or else with a request for revision before it is considered. The peer review process is single-blind.

7. The Editorial Board considers all the reviews before making an overall decision.

8. The Chief Editor sends a decision email to the author including any relevant reviewer comments.