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Szerző/Author: Kiss Gabriella (Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem)
E-mail: kiss.gabriella@kre.hu
Rövid életrajz/Bio: Kiss Gabriella, színháztörténész, drámapedagógus, a Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Színháztudományi Tanszékének docense. Kutatásai középpontjában jelenleg a kortárs színház és a színházi nevelés kapcsolata áll.
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Theatron 17, 2. sz. (2023): 57–75.
Cím/Title (ENG): What Happened to My Story? Participant-Observer Thoughts on an "Autobiographical Pact" (Lejeune)

It is a well-known fact that the knowledge structure of European theatre studies has seemed to be reorganising in the last ten years. “Reorganisation” is a methodological response to the processes, taking place in the contemporary theatre scene, one of whose common characteristics is the gesture of “doing biography”. In this paper, I analyse the Citizen Theatre Project [Bürgerbühne] “Our School” of the KÁVA Drama/Theatre in Education Association. On the one hand, the focus is on the construction of collective, narrative, and social identity, which was staged by the performance Aziskoláját! played six times in 2022. On the other hand, I offer some arguments for why the individual creator-participant horizon is at least as efficient as the view of the classical methods of performance analysis.

Keywords: applied theatre, Bürgerbühne, participation, performing-analysis, narrative and social identity